Which Shredding Service Offers the Best Price for My Project?

Shredding your documents helps keep your private information safe and secure. Depending on how much paperwork you have and how often you require shredding services, the price of your project can vary greatly.

For each volume of paperwork there is a shredding service option that will meet your needs.

Types of Document Shredding Services

Drop off shredding services are ideal for smaller volumes of paperwork. Anywhere from an inch-high stack of files to three full boxes can be safely shredded through a drop off shredding center.

Mobile and offsite shredding services are for larger paper shredding projects. The difference between the two is that with mobile shredding you get to watch as your papers are shredded at your location. Offsite services pick up your files and shred them at a secure facility. Because offsite services are performed in bulk they’re slightly cheaper.

Organizations near you may be hosting a local shred event in the near future. Check with your local institutions (police stations, banks, etc.) to see if you can drop your papers off at a shred event, which may be offer shredding services for free. Shred events help individuals with small amounts of documents.

Get a Shredding Service that Meets Your Budget Needs

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