Benefits of Mobile Shredding

The biggest benefit of choosing mobile shredding is the ability to watch as your paper is destroyed. You get to supervise the entire process and watch as your paper is turned to bits.

The industrial shredders built into trucks are far bigger than the average desk shredder. They are fed by a 64 gallon bin. Throughput varies by truck but is around 5,000 pounds per hour. These shredders also provide better security than a desk shredder by tearing the paper as opposed to cutting it. This makes it nearly impossible to put back together, even with NSA software. 

How It Works

  1. Collect everything with sensitive information that you no longer need
  2. The driver will bring 64 gallon bins and gather your papers
  3. The bins are taken to the truck and shredded
  4. This process is repeated until all your paper is gone
  5. The shredded paper is taken away to be recycled into new paper
  6. You get a certificate of destruction for your records

Get Mobile Shredding

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It normally takes one to two business days to get a shredding truck to your location. Pricing is determined by your volume to be shredded. To get a quote for your job and schedule the truck give us a call at (847) 620-0016 or simply fill out the contact form on the right.