Benefits of a Hard Drive Shredding Service

A single hard drive can hold the same amount of information as a room full of papers. If you store private information on your hard drives it's critical to make sure your data is properly destroyed before you dispose of them.

When you erase your hard drive, you are not overwriting data, just de-indexing it. Simply erasing your drive isn't enough—free recovery software will easily restore the data.

If you plan to give your computers to a recycler or charity, the thorough destruction of your private information is even more important. Identity thieves buy cheap hard drives on the secondary market for the sole purpose of restoring the data and looking for personal information.

How Hard Drive Destruction Works

  1. Collect your hard drives from computers that are being retired
  2. A driver will pick up your drives and take them to the truck to be destroyed
  3. Your drives are melted down
  4. You get a certificate of destruction for your records

Get Hard Drive Shredding Services

It normally takes one to two business days to get a truck to your location. Pricing is determined by the number of drives to be shredded. To get a quote for your job or if you are ready to schedule the truck, give us a call at (847) 620-0016 or simply fill out the contact form on the right.